About Us
We’re based Near Durham - just off the A1M, junction 62. Ask for the Sportman's Arms.
Here's a map to get to the Sporties
Carrville Mags are totally unaffiliated, unofficial and loosely organised. A group of Newcastle fans get together for a drink and go to the match .....and have a laugh.

Carrville just happens to be the name that's stuck. It could have been Durham, or Belmont, or Sherburn, or Gilesgate, or Coxhoe, or even Pittington. That’s the catchment area - but for the moment it's Carrville Mags- at least until someone comes up with a better name.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime – could have it ripped out of them - mercilessly. Check out Wilf’s World, the legend that is George, Passy’s Ferrero Rocher and who’s having a Mid Life Crisis.

From humble beginnings in the Sporties and Belmont Club in the seventies - it became apparent that no-one wanted to drive. So the crimper to the stars (and the son of ex-toon player) got it sorted. A bus - now with over 50 regular users - gets us there.
Here are a couple of early days photos. Smike's the man in the background with the shopping basket (buying Penguin biscuits?)

The first pic is in Safeways, Wembley, in 1985, and then later in the Green Man.