Hard lads 2
We couldn’t have a ‘Hard Lads’ page without a mention of Greavsie’s tears at his 40th birthday bash.
Hard lads?
Embarrassed over a Court appearance or have they just been to the Magistrates to pay off a fine instalment?

It looks like one or the other, but if you look closely all’s not as it seems………..
The sign is on the door of a workies club in Wallsend where some of Carrville’s hardest went to a Football Programme Fair recently. It turns out that they don’t have summonses in their hands, but new programmes and their lists of wants and swaps. They didn’t even graffiti the car-park.
Roy drove and had a good rummage around in the boxes, but Chrissy and Smike were two of the biggest spenders.
On the way back Roy made a detour via the Tyne Tunnel so that he could show us his grass-cutting prowess on display at the banking alongside the north side tunnel entrance. Ask him about the hedges along the Team Valley – he’s proud of them too.

Don’t be afraid to request a large, high definition version of Roy’s masterpiece for your desk-top background. It’s as good as the standard Windows version – just with more dog turds.