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Newsflash........... Submitted on 01/07/2004 by ?
.....Dirk deported from Russia..... .........KGB noticed he was wearing same jacket as on his passport - issued by Third Reich 1942...... .............Deaths Head emblem aroused suspicion and State Fashion Police were called........ ........They confirmed he did not meet their strict dress code ...........Sack clock and clogs are the minimum allowed....
Dirk's Drinking Diary - Olympiakos part one Submitted on 15/03/2005 by Dirk
After Heerenveen, Athens was the next stop on our European tour, which hopefully ends in Lisbon in May. This time only Mick and myself went to the Greek capital for the first leg of our second round knock out UEFA Cup match.

£189 for a return flight to Athens wasn't too bad - or so I thought. Nevertheless all the other lads seemed to have received ‘red cards’ and could not go.

No Wilf (I guess his mam must have barred him after smoking all sorts of gear in Holland); no Jonathon (Joanne will have seen the photo of him with no top on in the stand at Heerenveen when it was freezing cold – he could have caught pneumonia); no Twins (their lasses probably did not let them go, given that they cannot behave in Durham and you do not want to be locked up in Athens); and no Kieron (he is waiting for the final, or maybe his mam barred him for not keeping an eye on his older brother).


So, it was only Mick and myself who boarded the plane at 8am - together with Steve Claridge who was commentating for Channel 5 - to fly down to Athens. When getting on the plane we were still feeling a bit rough from the night before after having watched the Arsenal vs Bayern Munich game at Highbury with a few Arsenal fans who I know. They helped me sort out an extra ticket for Mick.
We arrived in Athens about 2 o’clock and, with only two cans on the plane, we'd had recovered from the previous night and were ready for some more Greek larger. After dropping off our bags (yes, I did take a bag this time!) in the hotel near Monastiraki (good spot with loads of bars nearby) we hit the town. Our hotel in Athens was 22.50 Euros each per night) and was luxurious compared to the dump we stayed in Amsterdam.............. (to be continued)