George . . . A Legend
Beer, Larger or Beer, Its All The Same To Me? Submitted on 27/02/2005 by ?
Have a guess who got the beers in at half time.

For 5 seasons the East Stand contingent have taken turns to buy 5 pints of Lager and 2 pints of John Smiths at the interval.

Against Bolton we ended up with 5 John Smiths and 2 Lager there was nearly a riot!!!!

A legend?
A Legend Submitted on 18/12/2004 by ?
You'll have heard that George hurt his knee playing football. It put his attendance at Blackburn in doubt - but you'll be pleased to hear he's fit enough to travel.

What you might not have heard is what happened after the 5-a-side injury.

After twisting his knee at Belmont school sports hall he decided to seek out a bit of first aid and TLC from his sister - June - who lives nearby. Recognising that he wasn't fit for work she agreed to make the sick call for him the next morning when she got to work - leaving George to rest-up in bed.

When June rang the hospital the lines were engaged. She decided to try again later. But being at work herself she was inevitably distracted - and forgot to call back. So George was on the sick - and work didn't know. His boss tried to ring him at home but there was no reply.

The next day everyone at work was concerned. When he didn't show up again they decided to escalate their efforts to make contact - so they rang The Woodman - only to learn from Peter the landlord that his takings were down as George hadn't been seen for a few days. But as the pub is so close to his flat, Peter agreed to go around and give him a knock - plus some well deserved abuse. When Peter got there he found George's flat in darkness - curtains closed, doors locked - and worryingly, no signs of life. So Peter rang the Police.

"How do I go about reporting a missing person?" The Police advice was to give it a few hours, but try to contact as many of George's friends and family as possible. If there was still no sign of him then they'd force entry to his flat, just in case he was .... well, you know.... say no more.
So Peter rang Billy, who was obviously concerned and extremely worried that George hadn't been seen in the Woody for 3 days. Billy rang June at home - but she was at work. George was stretched out on her settee when the phone rang, but he thought better about bothering to answer, thinking it must be a call for June. So he just let it ring ....and ring.

Billy then tried everyone else. Eventually he decided to tell the Police to smash down George's door, but before making the 999 call, he tried June's number one last time. This time George decided to hobble to the phone and answer it.

"George? Is that you ?"

"Oh hello there Bill - how you keeping?"

"You fcuking useless, fcuking ba$tard !!"
Cup Final Travel Planning Submitted on 01/12/2004 by ?
Two of the Woodman regular pool sharks thought it would be a good way to spend Bank Holiday Monday - forcing a break into the drinking session - by going to Whitley Bay for the League Cup final between Durham City and Dunston Fed.

Arrangements were made sometime during the all-day Sunday session. George was picked up in plenty of time to get there for kick-off. Leaving the Woody at 2pm meant they made it to Whitley Bay for 2.45pm.

"The nets were up" said George "but there was hardly anyone around"
"What time's kick-off?" George asked
"11 o'clock this morning - Dunston won 2-1, Golden goal."
"Ah, cheers mate" said George, "best get back to the Woody then."
Boum Submitted on 06/03/2005 by ?
That was the 2nd half chant vs Liverpool when the much improved and particularly loud support got things going. Whenever Boumsong (Boumsogn on his shirt) got the ball he got "Boum-ed" by the crowd.

For George it brought back memories of an 1982 record.

Later in the Sporties.............

"Right lads, who sang the song Boom? Any idea?" "Some lass on Eurovision song show ....boom bang a bang ?" suggested Sid. "Give us a clue" asked Jogger. "Initials F J" replied George - unhelpfully. "Sing it George" asked Mickey Arnold. "Boom - suddenly we were over the Moon" crooned George.

Later when everyone got back up off the floor, Mickey A put him right.

"I'd have put money on it being Boom - fcuk knows where I got F J from though!"

Zoom - just one look and then my heart went boom
Suddenly and we were on the moon
Flyin' high in a neon sky-y, oh-oh-oh-oh
Bang - just one touch and all the church bells rang
Heaven called and all the a-angels sang
Sunrise shine in a midnight sky-y-y, oh-oh-oh-oh