Greavsie Is A W***** Submitted on 09/03/2005 by ?
A Proper F………… W………,
And A C….,
And A T…."
He tried to keep it quiet by not mentioning anything to the lads, but we knew all about it. However we had to keep our mouths shut or we would have spoilt the surprise for him!! It all got very complicated.

Regardless, everyone knows what Greavsie is. Regular pub goers from Standish to Crick; Streatham to Carrville; Wetherby to Wembley - have all joined in the song.

His surprise party was a laugh as we recalled the times when the ‘Greavsie song’ was most relevant.

Can you believe that it’s 10 years since we went to Liverpool on his 30th birthday? Doesn’t time fly? That was the trip that we pinned him down and wrote ‘I am 30’ on his head. By the end of the day it had become smudged and looked more like ‘I am 80’. That was also the trip that we stopped off at Wetherby on the way home. However, Greavsie had been drinking Merrydown Cider all day and had fallen asleep. We left him on the coach and enjoyed a few beers, a couple of games of ‘killer’ and fish & chips from The Whaler. The following home game some one mentioned our night out in Wetherby and Greavsie swore blind that we hadn’t stopped off and he’d been awake all of the way home!
Then there was the trip back from Wembley in ’98. In a raucous, drunken escapade we began with ‘shirts off if you love The Toon’ and all ended up taking off all of our clothes and throwing most of them out of the bus window (apart from the Toon Tops of course). Who was the only one with all his attire in tact?

Yes, Greavsie. F------ W-----.

Nevertheless he got his comeuppance the following year when he spent the whole morning of the Cup Final puking his ring up.
However, the best incident must be when we hid in the snooker end in The Club. Renowned for always being the last one to arrive for the bus it was inevitable that we had to play a trick on him. Someone had seen him rushing down The High Street, late as usual. The bus was out of sight in the car park around the back. We asked Billy, the steward to play along and then all hid in the snooker room. In came Greavsie, out of breath, we could see him but he couldn’t see us.
‘They’ve just gone’ said Billy, ‘you’ve missed them’.
‘Ba$tard$’, replied Greavsie and he promptly turned around to leave. The ensuing hilarity lasted for the rest of the day, and some of The Club regulars who were present still talk about it!