Quiet Lad
Quiet ad’s Debt? Submitted on 02/07/2004 by ?
Congratulations to Sean on passing his driving test!

I’ll be able to repay you when I can drive’. How many times have you heard that? Well, it’s payback time.

We’ve calculated that ‘repay’ means driving Mick, Joanne, Trapper, Smike, Wilf & Kieron to roughly 8 games, of their choice, for the next 18 seasons.
This must also include:
  • various speeding fines
  • at least 15 parking tickets from various different towns and cities all over Britain
  • running out of petrol at least 7 times
  • locking keys in the car on 5 separate occasions
  • various bumps, scrapes & scratches
  • hiring and driving mini buses and vans of all different sizes
  • hour upon hour of driving to find a decent pub only to sit there with a glass of Diet Coke while everyone around gets totally $hitfaced
  • mile after mile to find a fish & chip shop
  • listening to hours of verbal diarrhoea from pi$$heads who are talking a load of bollocks on the return journey…and of course
  • spending the whole of the following morning ridding the vehicle of beer smells, empty cans, bottles, bottle tops, Monster Munch packets, chewy wrappers etc

It doesn’t end there. On top of all that he must then chauffeur the same people to numerous punk rock concerts, stag nights and nights out, and regularly have the hassle of trying to retrieve the car from some far flung city centre after deciding to ‘hit the drink’ and leave it for the night.

Short, Fast & Loud Submitted on 01/07/2004 by ?
You just couldn't make that up could you. It's a mag for hardcore punk nutters with a review of Voorhees - a band that Sean blessed in the late 80s (?) with his bleeding fingers guitar playing. Here's a quick 3 pic history of his transformation into Quiet Lad and maturity - although it does seem that marriage has not calmed him too much as he's on the road again with MurderHead (or summat like that) who we hope to get a chance to see in the flesh.

His Voorhees days passed most of us by - so if any one has anything else about his American tour or any other photos get in touch. Although he might have wrapped-in before this review it seems to sum up what he got up to in his younger days.

Kerrang July 93 : Voorhees play snot gobbing punk rock. If you like 30 second songs of total manic thrash you’ll love this. Excellent!

There are some links from the pics - but the photo from the home shirt link suggests that he was in a choreographed boy band and he wasn't the hard-core anarchist striving to Eat the Rich! (If you read about their tour you'll see that he too went through a Wilf-like phase.)
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Hear Sean's album here